Suggestions for selecting a futon bed

There are many types of futons, known by a futon bed as well generally, and you can have many benefits for you and your true estate. They are versatile and can end up being of a bed incredibly, a couch in a extremely brief period of period with small function generally. This can end up being in importance what a futon bed: a pece House Home furniture, can end up being utilized as either a sofa or bed. They are extremely inexpensive and can end up being bought in the guideline to end up being organized. Futons, known as futon bed structures in any various other case, created by a mattress in the guideline a futon cover and a body.

The futon mattress a futon bed is not as thick as a normal mattress in the rule and can be filled with foam, cotton, inner springs, polyester and/or viscoelastic foam. You are between a mattress and a mattress cover someplace. This can end up being on your personal or divide to give a great level of convenience and a lengthy assistance lifestyle and easy, and are typically utilized to maintain the precision tufted materials from your futon mattress from shifting. The planned system, which is usually actually even more you pay out out the higher quality mattress can you anticipate.

In the context of a futon bed, can fairly very much what it is wanted by you to be. You can select from solid solid wood, such as pine, Pinus radiata, maple, and others may become produced of metal or rattan. What ever you are created can become sure to discover extremely very easily with a great design and is usually generally stylish generously on the design of your home to a “capital”. see here home design interior

The thing about the futon bed is that it is a great solution for all ongoing work in the office, dorm, bonus room or any additional room where the space can be a nagging problem. You are amazing for a exact home function because they transform your home function in an extra bedroom in incredibly little period of period for your house. Many Futons are either tri-fold or bi-fold with which essentially is usually the precise quantity of the colored areas from which the futon. If you are outside of the futon bed for you to make sure that you are open up and close because you need something that the adjustments from a bed, a couch for you extremely very easily. After all, desires to battle, with a huge mattress and body, when you are prepared for bed? The very much less difficult, the better. Consequently 3rd party show up, make sure that the design can be certainly practical as a futon should end up being at the last end of it.

Health Care career develop fastest


With an aging population and new innovations in medical diagnosis and treatment, healthcare jobs are growing faster than in any other field. A mature human requirements even more Wellness and Health Care Provider improvements in the use of medicines and the demand for services.

Although Healthcare offers employment opportunities both for health and other professionals, simply because accountants, HR, customers, developers, and service personnel, the emphasis in this article is in the health care sector. you can try resume sample here

<b>Wellness provider specialists</b>

Wellness providers require both specialists with expert and schools with different types of operational capabilities. We are in the area of health care career in this market. This is certainly a sign of more than one including a rather.<ul>
<li>physicians, cosmetic dentists, doctors, veterinary surgeons, chiropractic and opticians are specialists, the modification of the school</li>
<li>experts and technologists in the scientific laboratory, ECG, EEG, medication, radiology and operational function</li>
<li>wellness experts such as oral hygienist, dishing opticians and crisis medication experts</li>
Health professions and <li>Nutritional Consultant, work-related, physical, simple and respiratory therapists and presentation pathologists</li>
<li>pharmacy pharmacist and Experts</li>
<li>, nursing staff, certified useful, nursing staff, nursing jobs helps and psychiatric help.</li>
<li>treatment physician helps, wellness, medical assistants and cultural Employees</li>
<li>expert medical billing accounts affected, experts, typical and insurance promises/compensation expert</li>
<li>Medical Experts</li>
<li>Medical Writing force</li>

would see that in the end will be immediately and the field is quite extensive, and could continue with New improvements in treatment and medical diagnostics.

<t>Health Care career details assets</t>

Each of the health care career requires special training, licensing and qualification. A question of the loss of life and life style, in the non-licensed professionals are not really allowed to work in the health care sector. Authorisations shall be issued by various brings in the USA, and each maintenance status provides its own licenses rules.

There are many sources of information in the field of health care.

The US section of the work published the estimated needs for different types of work. Equivalent projections can end is determined by the health care system. These projections will help you with the selection of a health care work, is certainly in the area with their inclinations and claims also a development of demand.

There are many career centers, then in the soil and in the web, via the information about each job. You will receive information about:<ul>
<li>what the job requires. An explanation of the function that the work requires.</li>
<li>certification required to the end, and information on education and training for the acquisition of the certificate.</li>
<li>educational facilities and approval of treatment</li>
<li>The formalities relating to the licensing and accreditations such as for internship</li>
<li>Professional development paths, the potential for development in the work performance and cash flow</li>
<li>current cash flow amounts in any health care work</li>
<li>Organizations of health care specialists and experts</li>

this career also interview people involved in every profession and publish the interview. This released selection interviews portray life style in any career, type or the type of fulfillment can offer and provide you with a more favorable image of what to expect if it is certainly selected by you.

Heed This Suggestions When Offering Your Home


If you are like most people living in many parts of the global globe, you will offer a home one or more instances during your life time probably. It can become complicated and mind-boggling. Go through the pursuing content and you can obtain useful actual property suggestions.

Add some energy effective items to your house because quickly because you understand you are heading to list it to get sale. Obtain LED lights, solar-powered outdoor lamps or an energy monitor to convince purchasers that they will conserve cash on their energy expenses after shifting in.

Small kitchen updates can do very much to increase your home’s attractiveness and value. Adding one eye-catching product, like a range or refrigerator, can make the kitchen even more appealing to customers. Dangling storage space and a timber mass kitchen isle light fixture are remarkable enhancements also. Maintain in brain that changing cupboards can end up being extremely costly, therefore consider painting the existing cupboards to make a inexpensive brand-new appear.

In most areas of the nationwide country, the demand for housing fluctuates according to seasonal variations. The fall is certainly slower than the summertime a few months typically, but your house can end up being even more appealing to customers if you decorate it for the period. Make sure your lawn is certainly raked clean of dropped leaves therefore your house will show up nice and well cared for.

Try to carry out most you may to create the environment that can business lead to a bidding battle. The even more competitive your detailing cost, the even more most likely you are to obtain a full great deal of feet visitors and a quick offer near requesting cost. Sparking a bidding battle among potential customers could promote a higher sale cost than you originally expected.

Clean both relatives edges of your home windows as you prepare the home for sale. When you possess clean home windows they provide your home a wonderful clean glow, producing it experience very much newer. Clean, gleaming home windows shall make a large difference in how a customer sights a home.

If you want to color your house before positioning it on the marketplace, do not choose shades that suit your choices. Try choosing for those traditional natural shades like eggshell, taupe, or eggshell. A recently coated area shall make your house loom even more interesting to customers, but just if the color of the area isn’t going to distress them off.

Preferably, your real estate should be listed for sale during the spring and winter months. Many brand-new property owners choose to obtain shifted in before the middle of summertime.

If the current flooring is in decent form, forking over lots of cash for new flooring is not necessary generally. New floors is certainly costly and you won’t end up being capable to appreciate it. Rather, clean the flooring and fix any areas to minimize harmful opinions completely.

For most people, purchasing a true home is the single most life-altering and consuming decision in a lifetime. When it comes period for you to sell that purchase, you must end up being as proficient as feasible about the procedures included in offering genuine property. Stick to the assistance you examine to help yourself make better offers simply.


Mentawai tribe can be called as one of the primitive tribes in Indonesia, but today they are more open and willing to socialize with the outside community. Because it is a tribal, Mentawai Tribe much used as research material by many parties, especially to understand how patterns of life and the interaction of tribes in the western part of Indonesia, B’timers.

Mentawai tribe were the original inhabitants of the Mentawai islands, that is a large island in the western part of the island of Sumatra. Bali to gili islands Mentawai archipelago consists of many islands, but has three main inhabited islands, namely North Island, South Pagai island of Siberut. The total area of ​​these islands is about 4,000 square km, with the number of inhabitants of about 29-30 thousand people.

Interesting Facts About Mentawai Tribe |  Breaktime

The oldest tribe in Indonesia
Interestingly, Mentawai tribe is one of the oldest tribes in Indonesia. The ancestors of the Mentawai tribe is known and believed by researchers already inhabited locations in the Mentawai Islands west of Sumatra since the year 500 BC.

Very strong custom
Culture and customs that are owned by the Mentawai tribe is very strong. Just imagine, this tribe has lasted a long time and is still maintained to this day, in the midst of modernization and globalization that is incentive to happen, especially in Indonesia.

Interesting Facts About Mentawai Tribe | Breaktime Custom clothing that primitive tribes Mentawai
Religion and belief itself
Although many have embraced Christianity and Islam, the Mentawai tribe has its own religious beliefs called Sabulungan. Sabulungan a religion or belief animistic in nature, in which all existing objects have a spirit and a soul.

When the spirit can not be treated properly, then the spirit will haunt and cause misfortune and causes illness. Therefore, Mentawai tribe has a strong belief against -benda object which they consider sacred.

Typical house
Mentawai tribe has a traditional house with a shape similar to the traditional house of West Sumatra, with stilts made of wood or bamboo. Mentawai tribe itself has 3 types of houses that are commonly used.

When these types of homes are Uma, the house is large, usually occupied by three to four families in one house. The second type of home is Lalep, the type of houses that are smaller, and usually occupied by one family alone in the house. Then the third type of home is the type of house called ribs.

Interesting Facts About Mentawai Tribe | Breaktime Green inland tourist attractions Mentawai tribe
side dish
Mentawai tribe eating sago as a staple food. Sago processed by Mentawai tribe by fire, and into food daily. In addition to corn, meat-eating animals is also a habit of Mentawai tribe. Wild pigs, chickens, and deer are the types of meat consumed by the Mentawai tribe, and they get by hunting in the vicinity of their residence.

Special to tattoo his
Mentawai tribe known worldwide for tattoo- her, which is regarded as the world’s oldest tattoo. For Mentawai tribe, Tattoo is an identity. Tattoo on Mentawai Tribe represents the balance between forest dwellers with nature, B’timers. Uniquely, the materials used to give a tattoo is a natural material, such as charcoal one.

At the time of going to make a tattoo , first shaman alias tribal elders will pray for the charcoal, then used to make a tattoo. So, tattoo Mentawai Tribe is one of the traditional rituals are very sacred, and become a thing held in high esteem within the Tribe Mentawai.

Well, Indonesia is very rich in culture, instead. Mentawai tribe lives is only a piece of so many cultures of Indonesia who may not yet know B’timers. With the know and study more closely, this culture will be maintained.


Tourism Indonesia back in the top row in the list of destinations of the world. Bali represent Indonesia in the top ten list of world’s most popular destinations.

Did B’timers, reported by Tripadvisor in late August, Ubud be the ideal place to try the famed Balinese massage and dive into the atmosphere of one of the most popular spa destinations in Asia.

A number of traditional massage treatments that are offered and foreign tourists in great demand in this area include acupressure, reflexology, stretching and aromatherapy. Ubud is also a center of Balinese arts and a variety of museums and art galleries Balinese.

Paddy fields with typical Balinese atmosphere that foreign tourists indulge in Ubud
In addition Ubud Nature reserve known as the Monkey Forest, which is home to hundreds of monkeysmacaques long-tailed. This makes Ubud get into the top 10 most popular destinations in the world according to Tripadvisor .

For Southeast Asia, ranking Ubud is under Siem Reap in Cambodia and Hanoi in Vietnam. Here are the top 10 most popular destinations in the world August edition version of Tripadvisor .
1. London, England
2. Istanbul, Turkey
3. Marrakech, Morocco
4. Paris, France
5. Siem Reap, Cambodia
6. Prague, Czech Republic
7. Rome, Italy
8. Hanoi, Vietnam
9. New York, USA 10. Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Well, not unexpectedly so, Bali Indonesia could become the pride that makes the country famous in the eyes of the world. This proves that the traditions and cultural values ​​which continue to be preserved, it could be a mix of epic, especially in the tourism sector. B’timers himself had never been to Bali? Well, if not, a time at least once a lifetime to get there. And, do not forget to also take pictures to capture the momenttraveling you very intriguing.


Going abroad for travel may be not only a great way to refreshing , yet so proud. In fact, if B’timers further explore Indonesia, you can find places that are not less distant from abroad, you know. Have been to five of this place?

Indonesia Travel Destinations Serasa Foreign Affairs! | Breaktime

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Sukuh, Karanganyar, Central Java – Chichen Itza, Mexico
Indonesia Travel Destinations Serasa Foreign Affairs! | Breaktime Sukuh and Chichen Itza
Building Sukuh in Karanganyar, Central Java, looks very similar in shape to Chichen Itza in Mexico. Equally historic, both of which offer the charm of classical beauty are equally valuable.

Monument Simpang Lima Pena, Kediri – Arc de Triomphe, France
Indonesia Travel Destinations Serasa Foreign Affairs! | Breaktime Monument Simpang Lima Pena and Arc De Triomphe
No need to go far away to France, Indonesia also had the “Arc de Triomphe”, you know. You can visit the Monument of Simpang Lima Gumul, Kediri, to feel the sensation of traveling a different and exciting, like it was in French.

Sand Dunes Parangkusumo, Yogyakarta – Saharan Africa
Indonesia Travel Destinations Serasa Foreign Affairs! | Breaktime Sand Dunes and the Sahara Desert Parangkusumo
Indonesia also have you know, a la Sahara desert in Africa. Yes, in Yogyakarta there are sand dunes Parangkusumo you can go to enjoy beautiful sandy shades and dazzling like in the Sahara.

Raja Ampat, Papua – Phi Phi Island, Thailand
Indonesia Travel Destinations Serasa Foreign Affairs! | Breaktime Raja Ampat dan Phi Phi Island
Clear blue water that makes Raja Ampat enchanting and exquisitely charming, like Phi Phi Island in Thailand. Here so one must-see tourist attractions, for without having to fly to Thailand, you can already feel the enchanting beauty of Raja Ampat.

Cibodas Botanical Garden – Japanese Cherry Blossom
Indonesia Travel Destinations Serasa Foreign Affairs! | Breaktime Botanical Garden and Flower Sakura
The cherry blossoms in bloom is very beautiful and amazing. Color pink- her beautiful stunning make us feel happy at the sight. Well, in the Botanical Gardens Cibodas we can, you know, like watching the beauty of the cherry blossoms in Japan.

Benefits of Rice Mask Powder for Beauty Face

How to make a mask of rice kencur? and what are the benefits of rice kencur masks for face beauty? Here is ulasanya.

There are a lot of growing plants that have health benefits including kencur. Kencur benefits for beauty is very much needed for the ladies. Powder can be used directly or be made of ingredients such as rice kencur so as to menaksimalkan usefulness to the beauty of the body. Well, you also do not have to worry about how to make it. here we provide a way to make potions from kencur for beauty.

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Benefits of Rice Powder Mask For Women kencantikan

Benefits of rice mask kencur

Powder has many benefits for female beauty, especially for the skin. Powder can be used for:

  1. whiten
  2. Remove blackheads
  3. eliminate acne
  4. skin tightening
  5. softens hands

Now these benefits can be obtained by making a concoction of rice kencur or by making a mask kencur. How to make it very easy and very cheap price kencur.

Kencur benefits for the beauty of the face of the most important is to whiten the face . It is mainly obtained by consuming rice concoction kencur regularly. so you no longer need to buy bleach facial, pretty diligent in taking the herb taste kencur. Additionally unisex properties to get rid of acne and scars. Stubborn acne is a problem in itself. After recovering also cause scars that sucks. So the safest way is to use a mask kencur rice.

How to make a mask of rice kencur

This mask can be routinely applied on your face. Here’s how to make:

  • Soak rice kencur semaleman
  • Then puree rice manner until finely
  • Mushrooms under the sun to dry
  • Grate was kencur until soft
  • Then mix both ingredients such as rice and grated kencur
  • Mix and smeared to face up to average
  • Let stand for 30 minutes
  • Then clean the rest of the mask
  • Rinse with clean water until there is no remaining isa mask.

Hands are one of the woman’s body organ that could provoke concern. Therefore, for women can not ignore the color and softness of hand. To ensure that the softness and color of your hands is not easy dark we recommend to use traditional treatments using kencur.

Here’s how to make potions kencur mask to soften hands:

  • Use brown rice 75 grams
  • Two glasses of warm water and 5 ml coconut milk
  • All the ingredients mix in a bowl
  • Let stand for one hour then strain
  • Blend until smooth
  • Then smeared on the palms, the back and the whole hand
  • Let stand for 30 minutes
  • Then rinse thoroughly
  • Perform this treatment regularly for getting your hands on a white, smooth and soft.

Potion Powder For Beauty Face

To make herb rice kencur for facial beauty can be done to prepare the ingredients the following:
 salt to taste
 6 segments kencur
 Prepare 250 grams of brown sugar
 200 grams of white rice
 2 segment turmeric
 2 limes
 20 grams tamarind

How to make a concoction of rice kencur for facial beauty:

  • Wash the rice thoroughly and then soak it in water for 4 hours
  • Mix the other ingredients in the 6 cups of water then add the granulated sugar
  • Cook the mixture on the stove to boil. Then remove it first
  • Furthermore, turmeric and ginger puree then add the rice
  • Mashed to a pulp and crushed
  • Furthermore squeeze while adding water
  • Then add the lemon juice and salt. You can also add honey

Furthermore kencur herb rice ready to be enjoyed. Read also how to make a mask of rice

Conclusion: Benefits kencur for beauty can be used for various things, but must be made ​​concoction with rice so that the result is the maximum.

Points of interest of Mobile Application Development For Business


Every business knows the criticalness of accomplishing particularly to the customers. Flexible advancement has transformed into a basic bit of our regular life. The presence of various sorts of uses for cutting edge cell telephones has made life particularly clear for both business people and customers. Associations have perceived the centrality of convenient application headway in extending their profitability. A versatile application gives an accommodating gadget to the target of a business person to fulfill its advancing and arrangements objective.

Convenient applications can do a significant measure of things, including giving you information about the new happenings in your general region, registering exchange rates, book movie tickets or taxicabs, giving incitement data, upgrading internet organizing coordinated efforts and educating you regarding the remarkable offers. The unmistakable quality of this kind of showcasing is creating at a snappy pace with no signs of sponsorship off. There are various focal points of adaptable application headway for a business, some of which are recorded underneath:

Grows Visibility – Statistics exhibit that a typical individual puts an impressive measure of vitality in his wireless. Adaptable applications help in bracing a brand by extending its detectable quality. Exactly when a customer downloads an application, it is always evident on his screen. Application stores help a business in accomplishing a large number of potential customers who are at risk to purchase its things or organizations. Applications are a relentless sign of a business to the customer.

Strengthens Brand’s Image – A strong brand picture is essential in today’s forceful business segment. A brand with no adaptable application won’t have the ability to organize the front line designs. Compact application change helps in improving a brand picture as customers stay careful about the organizations it offers.

Offer worth to customers – It is the target of every business to give most prominent quality to its customers. Every customer looks for an issue free acquiring information either while using an application or site. With an inside and out sketched out application, you can offer straightforwardness and comfort to your customers.

Showcase Products and Services – An application gives a one stop access to a business. It is a heavenly stage for a business to showcase its things and organizations and presentation discounts and offers. Various associations today are putting forth simply through applications.

Assembles Customer Engagement – The purpose behind adaptable application change is to give a gainful gadget to customers to partner and interface with the business. Applications allow a customer to quickly interface with the business they routinely require. The engagement level of employments is much higher than that of a site. They energize steady engagement with the customers.

Threats Involved In Native Mobile Application Development

images-27More associations are turning towards neighborhood flexible applications for their associations. Business applications have some specific points of interest. We have seen such an extensive number of case of defeating difficulty in the past couple of years, that more associations are propelled to go adaptable. It is therefore admonished that we are not blinded by possible results. In case a neighborhood compact application is the thing that a business needs, you ought to appreciate what reason it will serve and how accommodating it will be.

Taking all things into account, nearby convenient applications are generally downloadable applications that adaptable customers can present on their contraptions. These applications are a techniques for customers to be in consistent touch with your business. It’s unprecedented for your business too, as you can send minute notices about your latest game plans and offers etc.

In any case, there are a couple of risks incorporated into the occasion that you don’t orchestrate your application suitably.

Survey what highlights you need to consolidate into the nearby application. Customers are going to download your application just in case they find regard in keeping it generally on their phones. In case the application is overabundance and does just pitch your business organizations, it does nothing profitable for the customer. A customer will in all likelihood eradicate such an application. Along these lines, before you bounce into the headway stage, meticulously organize what highlights you might need to join into your application. Select the segments that are productive for your customers.

Unsustainable customer advancement

While building an application, guarantee that your backend can bolster exponential customer improvement. The application should not back off or crash in view of the amount of synchronous customer affiliations. To be sure, you would be cheated on account of reinforce calls always! Subsequently, ensure that you do a cautious research and draw an evaluation for the amount of downloads.

Different stages

Ties yourself to a single stage won’t help! You are at a peril of passing up a major opportunity for the potential customers that are using other adaptable stages. Thusly, if you wish to manufacture a neighborhood application, guarantee that you consider all the genuine compact headway stages.

Neighborhood applications are at a threat of getting denied in the application stores

Neighborhood applications are subjected to application store supports. This suggests if your application is not embraced on either Google Play or Apple’s application store, each one of your tries to make it will miss the mark. It won’t go to your concentrated on get-together of individuals also!

Security Breaches

Every convenient working system has its own specific security considerations. Thusly, if you develop a non particular application, it might be a security danger on a couple of contraptions. Accordingly, planners need to focus all the genuine stages and a while later make applications in perspective of all security thoughts.

How to Easily Choose type Men’s Watches


Busyness is a man to undergo daily, sometimes makes forget the time. Then a man very need to use a tool that can provide accurate timing information to him. Nowadays watches not only used as a pointer of time. It turned out that watches are now a part of fashion that is not less important, where watches are often used as an additional accessory. Read: Fatal Mistakes That Men At dressed.

How to Easily Choose type Men’s Watches

There are many types of men’s watches with a variety of models and straps provided dipasarang, well here we will try to review some tips in determining watches fit for the hand and the character yourself. Let us consider just what it is!

Watches are made from rubber strap is quite comfortable to use, this type seem simple and casual. So for you who like to relax and simple watches of this type is highly recommended, it’s just a watch-type rubber is not suitable for use when a formal event.

Additional watches with Rubber Strap manifold, type of formal and exclusive impression is watches Metal. Yes, these watches impressed very shiny and very suitable for use in formal activities like going to the office. For you who want to look masculine and elegant watches of this type is highly recommended, it’s just worth noting watches this type of material is sometimes uncomfortable effects when used. Where the rope is often draw fine hairs that grow around the wrist, especially for men who have a lot of fur.

Watches Other types are Caucasian, watches bermaterial a sort of watches most widely used by men. Because of this watch has two advantages as well, where the accent is elegant and classic casual can be used during the event. while the formal accents can also be used on formal occasions special. It’s just that this watch has a shortage often leaves a bad odor if not cared for and cleaned properly, especially for you who included people tend to sweat quite a lot you should not use this type of clock.

Well that if several tips that you can make reference in choosing the type of watches that are right for you, may be useful yes and do not forget to continue to follow the articles that will keep us updated on this blog every day. If you feel this is helpful, let us share our friend to let them also enjoy this benefit.

Mosquitoes: Questions Or Answers On How To Prevent The Spread Of The Virus In Europe


read more about harga kelambu here

Zika virus continues to rage and spread. This weekend, the first death linked to the virus Zika was reported in Puerto Rico in the US and the outbreak of Zika was officially declared in Guadeloupe. In parallel, the Directorate General of Health (DGS) launched the annual monitoring device Aedes albopictus, the “tiger mosquito” in France.

We understand why Professor Christian Bréchot (President of the Institut Pasteur, Paris) said: “Zika virus is a threat to public health globally” in the introduction of the International Symposium on the Zika virus organized in Paris by Pasteur Institute in late April. An event which, with over 600 participants, brought together both the scientific community and public health authorities.

How to fight against the spread of the disease throughout the world and to prevent such an outbreak in Europe? At a session on vector control, issues such as the use of transgenic mosquitoes, the real risk of outbreak of Zika in Europe or the analysis of insecticide resistance have been addressed. The point with Anna-Bella Failloux (Arbovirus Unit and insect vectors, Institut Pasteur).

French edition Medscape: How can control mosquitoes Zika?

Anna-Bella Failloux: Today, there is still no vaccine or treatment against Zika virus. The only way to protect yourself is to avoid contact with the mosquito vector. To do this, we can eliminate the mosquito larval (clean the yard, gutters, remove small containers of water). It is essential to empower and educate the population on this. The problem is that it is very difficult to identify all the places where they live larvae. There may be small water tanks camouflaged by vegetation or natural deposits near the house. It therefore remains of mosquitoes in the environment. To protect themselves, so use physical means such as mosquito nets (they are biting mosquitoes inside houses) or repellents.

If these preventive measures do not work, and that we enter into an epidemic, it will spray insecticide. In Europe, only a few molecules are authorized, including deltamethrin (pyrethroid family). The problem is that by using this insecticide we will generate resistant mosquito populations. Also, these substances are hazardous to the environment and sensitive wildlife such as bees. We must find alternative methods.

What are the alternatives?

It is possible to perform massive releases of sterilized male insects by genetic modification or by radiation at low doses. When they mate with females “wild”, they make the descent unable to reproduce. After a number of generations, in theory, there is more than mosquito. In practice, this is not entirely true.

Regarding genetically modified mosquitoes, the WHO Advisory Group recommended to conduct further field trials and perform new risk assessments to estimate the impact of this new tool in disease transmission . Tests conducted in the Cayman Islands have shown a significant decline in the population of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes.

It is possible to make massive releases of sterile male insects.

Another promising method of biological control is the use of male mosquitoes carrying Wolbachia bacteria naturally present in 60% of insects. These bacteria infect or humans or other mammals. When females mate with males carriers of these bacteria, the eggs do not hatch, resulting in the extinction of mosquito populations.

Finally, it is possible to release mosquitoes are not competent for the transmission of the virus. The introduction in the mosquito another strain of the bacterium Wolbachia reduces the transmission of dengue virus (the same virus family as Zika, Chikungunya and yellow fever flavivirus). Mosquitoes carrying Wolbachia bacteria genus have already been released in several places, including Australia, Brazil, Indonesia and Viet Nam, as part of strategies against dengue. We now have a drop of ten years shows that this method is effective. The question is whether the effects will persist because the link between the mosquito and the bacterium evolves over time.