Revive the legacy of the Vikings with The Last Vikings

the last viking

If we talk about Vikings in video games many exponents in what refers to titles of large caliber which marked a generation, although the more veterans will recall series the truth that we don’t have The Lost Vikings who that was present both in computers and in 8- and 16-bit consoles. Rescuing that culture so interesting that it has given to many films we found with the recent launch of The Last Vikings both Google Play in the App Store, a degree of strategy with a beautiful soundtrack that will immerse us in the reconquest of the more mysterious lands of the planet.

The Last Vikings is a strategy where we grow our group, conquering lands and villages and pooling resources to make the legacy of the Vikings just like yesteryear. In this way the programmer is divided into a central world where you can access the shops, to the growth of our heroes, tips and the improvement of our boat to embark after the seas for the conquest of other villages can you read at Both the combat system and own that takes us through the seas is about so-called bars of ability where we must stop the cursor over the particular area depending on the action you want to perform later.

Another of the major players in this game is the soundtrack, reminiscent of 8-bit programs and becoming very catchy. In addition the title is full of secrets, heroes of ancient as well as exclusive resources that you will be finding if you’re conquering hidden lands and also if you dedicate enough attention to enter the game a number of times. In this way The Last Vikings becomes a title of puzzles and really interesting action that gives a fresh air to the library of titles that make up download platforms.

Castle Clash: How to earn free gems instantly

Castle Clash

So you come without real money at the premium currency. Gems are the premium currency in Castle Clash. With them you can watch the life in the game much easier – but the quota is very limited. Nevertheless, the purchase with real money via the in-app store is not the best way. We show you how to lock Castle Clash is also free at the gems.

Why do I need gems in Castle Clash?

With precious stones you can reach in Castle Clash different things. Firstly, construction and recruitment processes can be accelerated, on the other hand you can only with their help certain buildings erected. Below an overview of all functions of gems:

  • Speed up recruitment of troops
  • Accelerate training
  • Speed up values of buildings
  • Certain buildings, objects and decorations are acquirable only with gems

How do I get free gems in Castle Clash?

You can see, the gems can be damn useful in Castle Clash. Carefully deals with them and not wasted it for situations where they are not necessary. In addition, we discourage you from buying gems in the app store – this way only in case of extreme emergency. You can get the rock in Castle Clash also on other ways completely free earn:

  • Completes the tutorial
  • Connects your game with Google +
  • Gems for daily login
  • Fighting in the arena
  • Recommend the game to your friends
  • Steal another player gold
  • Finish combat three “lost Kingdom”
  • Participate in events
  • Close successes (flag and trumpet icon)

For more information about Castle Clash

To the topic learn more on our overview page by visiting There’s more news of the video game world as usual in the gaming field by network world. In our Mobile Games Division does not find you also only news but also more tips and tricks to games like clash of clans, the Simpsons: Springfield and Hearthstone.

YouTube Gaming reaches version 1.5 and comes with many new features

YouTube Gaming

For nearly six weeks YouTube Gaming is not updated. The good thing about this is that it seems that developers have used this time to continue developing the application and adding new features and changes. The new version of the application to broadcast live from YouTube has implemented certain functionality that, if you are very active users, you will love, plus a new easter egg that I will teach you to find. Without more, we will know all the innovations of this version.

New horizontal format

There are several applications whose use is indifferent both vertically and horizontally. But an application that is fully dedicated to video and multimedia content is a crime that does not have this format. While it is true that it has always been possible to put the videos on horizontal, the rest of the user interface was vertical. With the new version 1.5 this is finished, and lets all move 90 degrees when we so want it.

Chat superimposed on the video full screen

The YouTube comments section has never been the strong point of the platform. It is not not known for being friendly or because the comments that are posted are just loving. However, YouTube aims to promote this social aspect of the application, since that users are more encouraged to comment in the live video.

If you see videos on YouTube, you’ll know that you have two options: vertical video with box comments or horizontal video and not see the comments. With this new version, we will have the option to put the comments on the video so we can read the comments and write without having to watch the video vertically. These will be moved automatically as they are published, and being semi-transparent, not hinder the viewing of the video.

Change the location of the content

Other functions that give the jump from the normal application of YouTube YouTube Gaming is the location of the content selector. This allows us to control the collection of videos, defining the language in which we want to listen to it or by selecting any nationality in particular. If you are Spanish, but you like the American streamers, you can do so easily, and thus improve your feed’s content without too much effort.

New easter egg

YouTube Gaming has a tradition of adding an easter egg in each major application upgrade, just as Google does with Android. YouTube Gaming, these Easter eggs are sorted in alphabetical order, and are always related to games or franchises that have been important in the history of video games. The first reference, if you remember, was Asteroids, then Battletoads… well, until the now. If you have followed the updates, you know what game or franchise. However, we will teach you to get it below, but eye, do spoilers.

Finally, we can say that accessibility to the button of the player popup, as well as the subscription and patronage improved. This note that this new version has not yet come to Google Play – or at least not all terminals – but the APK can be downloaded from the link to APKMirror that we leave below. Enjoy!

What you think about the new update? Do you like the new features?

How to look beautiful in MovieStarPlanet

MovieStarPlanet look beautiful

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be popular, beautiful and rich. MovieStarPlanet is a fun game that allows you to try all of these things! Looking very important is the game.

Making a pretty face

Choose your eyes. The eyes are the first thing people notice about you. Eyes with an expression of surprise or pouty look really beautiful. You don’t have to choose what your eyes look like in real life. Take risks!

  • Eyes come in many different forms. Choose what you think is the most beautiful.
  • Choose an eye color. Eye color is your choice, but the choice of light green, blue or Hazel will make you stand out.
  • There are also fake lashes that you can buy as an accessory if you want your eyes to look great and innocent.

Choose a beautiful nose, lips and skin color. Typically, pretty noses are small, and large lips can be very beautiful. Skin color doesn’t matter, to choose any shade you want.

  • A small nose will greet labia, and a bigger nose will be fine with the smaller lips. This will achieve the balance.
  • If you want big lips and a big nose, your look will be very dramatic.

Make sure you are happy with your face over. Once you put your face together, make sure the different parts look good together. If something does not match, now is the time to change that.

Doing your hair and makeup

Make your hair properly. If you are going for a natural look, the best choice for your hair is black smoky, beautiful blonde, or light brown. If you want to look sassy, colors such as pink, green, orange or even going to work.

  • Long hair with lots of volume gives you a dramatic look.
  • Short and straight hair looks more sophisticated.
  • Bangs are a good choice, because they frame your face.
  • Get an up-do hairstyle if you want to look fancy.

Use makeup very eye. It’s up to you if you use a lot or a little eye makeup. The more eyeliner and shadow that you use, the more dramatic your face will look. For example, dark eyeliner and shadow will make your eyes pop.

  • Fun shadow colors like blue or purple.
  • Light colors like gold or green look good with light blue or green eyes.
  • Darker colors like black or purple look good with dark eyes like brown or black.

Choose lipstick and blush to compliment your face. Red and pink look good on lips. If you want a wild look, choose a bright color like green or even a dark color like purple. Gothic lipstick looks black.

  • Wearing lipstick and eye makeup at the same time will give your face a more complete appearance.
  • Sometimes, people like to balance your appearance by one or another that has the composition of dark eye or lip dark composition, not both.
  • A lot of flushing is not recommended. Too much can make your face look unnatural.

Choose beautiful clothes

Go shopping for clothes. In the area of “shopping”, you can buy new clothes and accessories. Your clothes should look subtle, but, at the same time sophisticated and fantasy. There are some general guidelines to remember when buying clothes:

  • The bright colors will attract more attention.
  • Sassy clothes are shorter and cover your body less.
  • Dark colors look more emo and goth.

Match the style of your tops and bottoms. If you’re wearing a big t-shirt, choose jeans as a background. If you are wearing a tank top, a skirt look good. fancy tops look best with fancy backgrounds, and casual tops go great with casual funds.

  • Bohemian looks include lots of patterns, scarves, and lots of necklaces. If you want to look Bohemian, put stone necklaces and wear colorful patterns.
  • Sporty look include t-shirt, sneakers and jeans. This look is simpler, but still beautiful. Pair a bright t-shirt v-neck with a pair of jeans.
  • Classic styles are formal, does not have so many colors, and are simple. A long, red dress is a classic, and so is a short black dress.

Wear shoes that are beautiful and match your clothes. Shoes that are the same color as your equipment always look good. You can choose if you want to look fancy heels or flats if you want to look casual. tennis shoes are more sporty.

  • Jumps go well with dresses.
  • Tennis shoes look good with jeans.
  • Apartments are well with almost anything.

Choose accessories that show who you are, there are so many accessories to choose from. Hats and glasses are stylish and professional. There are different types of necklaces and bracelets to complement any outfit.

  • If you are going for a sophisticated look, choose a diamond necklace and a matching bracelet.
  • If you’re being rude, choose brilliant gold or silver necklaces, bracelets and earrings.
  • Put on sunglasses to look cool.
  • The bags are also great accessories. Get one in a color that matches your shoes or dress.

As nervous as you want. MovieStarPlanet is all about having fun and keep to use the msp hack tool to be whoever you want! Take fashion risks you don’t in real life, and have fun wearing your character.

Top 5 games for iPad: Marvel Contest of Champions, Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift and more

After a couple of weeks in which they have not had any big premiere, this time reaching us two coup: the first, a new game for fans of the comic Marvel by Kabam; the second, a new special edition of Christmas to Cut the Rope. Top 5 new features in the ranking of free games for iPad downloads Seabeard (simulation), Space Qube (action), and Skyline Skaters (runner) is completed.

Marvel Contest of Champions

Marvel Contest of Champions

Marvel gives us a new opportunity to enjoy a game full of combat with their popular superheroes as protagonists, with the extra incentive of actually accomplished graphics. Our goal, no big surprises, will be go bringing together different superheroes by using this marvel contest of champions hack tool, choose the best for our team and try to defeat a super villain.


Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift

Chilling brings us a new ration of puzzles to celebrate Christmas with Om Nom and their candies as protagonists. With regard to the game itself, no remarkable novelty, but the application there that has some features new, according to dates, such as the option to create your own Christmas cards.


A new Farmville-style simulation game, although on this occasion with pirate theme and an ocean and thousands of Islands to explore. We leave the notice, that Yes, that is advanced or with mini-games or with in-app purchase and there are enough complaints that it is complicated to aspire to do so without having to buy anything.

Space Qube

Review classic games “marcianitos” in which we can design the spaceship with which we will leave to explore the universe and kill aliens, and indeed, this is one of the activities that predictably end up spending more time… A fun action game, with an original and very aesthetic.

Skyline Skaters

A title that inevitably recalls Subway Surfers, an infinite runner that on the backs of our skate will have to flee from the police, although in this case rather than move through the subsoil of the city we do over the roofs of its buildings. Of course, no shortage of options of customization, our Board or our character.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air, China’s response to Apple’s MacBook Air


The Xiaomi Redmi Pro already is among us. The Chinese company has made its official presentation this morning, and such, and as we mentioned in Andro4all, the mysterious “little friend” has proved to be a laptop. In this way, Xiaomi seeks to enter the saturated market of laptops, although it has not been precisely innovative design, since the Mi Notebook Air, simply, a Chinese copy of the Apple MacBook Air. Without more, are going to know it a little better.

As we already confirmations in Andro4all, the laptop of Xiaomi comes in two sizes: one of 12.5 inches and another 13.3-inch, which as you can see below not only differ in the dimensions of the screen. There is also a substantial change in the price and technical specifications, which makes sense since each one of the devices is aimed at a different audience.

The specifications of such devices not are for nothing despicable, and while is certain that seem to a clone of the portable more light of Apple, promise a good performance both in power as to level graphic- or at least that is what can see on the paper-. In the table below you can compare both devices.

Comparison of the Mi Notebook Air

As you can see, not only differ in the price. The 13.3-inch device not only is more expensive, but is also more powerful – more RAM and better processor – and has greater storage capacity. However, the small has an advantage, and is the processor that mounts the same as Apple’s MacBook Air. Intel Core M3 will have passive cooling, which means you don’t need internal fan, allowing you to be thinner and lighter.

Other data to have in has is that the model of 13.3 inches, that is something more large, has with two ports USB-3 and an input for HDMI, while the model of 500 euros only has with an only port and the HDMI. Finally, and to go by putting an end to the article, say that both devices have Windows factory installed 10 – although being a device of Xiaomi theirs would be installing it Remix OS, do not you think?.

If you are interested in any of these devices, you should know that they will be released in China on August 2, i.e. in five days. As you see, for the price that have, not have bad paint. At the expense of knowing the GPU of the 12.5-inch big brother shown as not only suitable for gamers but powerful computer to perform any task of photo editing. For 500 to 700 euros, the Mi Notebook Air become an interesting alternative for those who are seeking to renew their equipment or buy one.

Do you think of Mi Notebook Air? Do they find you interesting?

Sofa skin care tips

Having furniture made of leather is very pleasant because it has an elegant and classic design, such as sofa and a table made from a clean.sofa will make your room comfortable. However, there’s always dirt that makes you dull sofa. That’s because water spills, sweat, dust and mildew. But if the maintenance is not up, over time a layer of skin will flake and cracked. How to care for leather sofa rather quite difficult, its outer skin is very susceptible to heat, moisture and dirt.For daily maintenance check these tips sofa bed inoac

Use duster to clean out the dust
Wipe with a soft cloth (Cotton material) rather wet and dry with a cloth fiber (chamois or chamois)
When exposed to water or food spills immediately clean and dry.
If there are stains on your sofa quite membersihkanya with a wet cloth rubbed until it is clean and dry immediately with a cloth fiber

For weekly maintenance
Use moisturizers and cleansers sofa usually pack 2 in 1 in the market (leather care, BlackMagic leather cleaner and conditioner).
Spray a soft cloth to drugs, evenly and allow up to 2-3 minutes
Then wipe dry with a clean cloth smooth gently and evenly.
If the sofa there is mildew and dirt too thick stubborn then
Wash gently using spoge smooth and liquid soap baby with a dose of a few drops of baby soap in 3/4 bucket of water clean

Rub evenly sponge
Rinse with a cloth slightly damp and dry immediately with a cloth fiber
After that, apply a moisturizer sofa in .leave it up to 2-3 minutes
Wipe dry with a clean cloth smooth gently and evenly.

Usually the price moisturizer nice couches in the market is quite expensive, we are a cheap alternative to moisturizing quality leather sofas nearing namely, moisturizing the skin (hand & body lotion) and hair conditioner. The way interfere hand body lotion and hair conditioner in one container stir evenly until it is completely blended, artificial leather sofa moisturizer ready to be used in ways we have explained above.

There are a few things you should know include:
Avoid cleaning the leather sofa chair with the use of chemical cleaners because it will make will make the color and the skin surface becoming couch change due to chemical influence.
Avoid using cleaning agents that are too harsh because it would make the surface of the skin becomes irritated and abrasion

Avoid putting a sofa in an area exposed to direct sunlight, such as in front of the window. Sunlight will make the skin color will fade quickly and will make your sofa dry and chapped
Avoid high humidity because it will accelerate the growth of mold and can damage the leather sofa
The most rapid dirty or damaged on the couch is the hands and the head restraint. Use a cloth cover on the arms and backrest, which can be removed and washed.

Metrics and Statistics Important Tips Through Instagram

The following important metrics and statistics Instagram has marketer should take a look …

  • Instagram now has more than 400 million monthly active users
  • 80 + million photos uploaded per day
  • An average of 70 million photos posted per day
  • 5 billion a day like
  • The average user spends 21 minutes a day on Instagram
  • 41% of users aged 16-24, 35% of users aged 24-34
  • Engagement it has surpassed Twitter.

Snapchat and Instagram


One difference is Snapchat and Instagram hashtag. As at Twitter (and Facebook, although this feature is rarely used in FB), Instagram users can use one or many hashtags for each of their images.

Hashtag It becomes a clickable link, direct users to feed images that use the same tag. This is a big bonus, because it allows marketers to use it smartly.Using hashtags that not only help increase your branding and business, but also connect with other users who could potentially generate engagement.

So, you can use this hashtag to target users and to increase engagement and conversation about the content and your business. It is the excess.

With their relationship with Facebook, Instagram also provides integration and allows you to cross-promotion across multiple platforms.

Differences Snapchat and Instagram another, pictures of Instagram also has a higher quality, there are a lot of filters that you can use to edit images.

So that the picture image can look more beautiful on Instagram. Pictures of your products will automatically look more attractive here.

Involvement (engagement) and interaction. People can comment on or like your videos openly, instead of responding personally.

It allows you to gain momentum and engagement, as well as generate more interaction. You can even mark ( tag) users in the description or comment.

Instagram will save you upload unless you decide to delete the photo or video. This means that users can see all that you upload, a week or even years after it was posted.

All the products you promote will still be seen by new users who follow you, or people who want to see him back.

This is a great advantage of Instagram ,  and this is something different to what is offered by Snapchat.


Instagram does not work well for the posts that are very urgent, or at least they do not work as effectively as Snapchat. Posts related to deadline work better in Snapchat.

Instagram also only works well if you are selling a product visual. Platform Snapchat (and Pinterest) make a written message more interesting than on Instagram.

Instagram deal with all of the pictures, so it has a product that stands out visually and aesthetically it’s important.

Your images are also expected to have a higher quality in Instagram, which means it takes more time to create and edit it.

Instagram also far more popular among marketers. Pictures of products you will have more competition. It is easy for the user to not see the pictures you post just passed away, while the layout of Snapchat can demand the attention of users, if they click.

The best way to use Instagram

Instagram is ideal for products that are more visually prominent, or other images that performed well (such as behind the scenes images or videos).High-quality images has found a home in Instagram. This is one difference Snapchat and Instagram.


This platform is also ideal when you want to connect with a lot of new audience, it was thanks to the hashtag. Hashtags can also be a very valuable feature for building your brand and generate user involvement in the vicinity.

The images used need more description on Instagram, especially if you can tag ( tag ) a lot of people.

Update 2016

In the past year, both Snapchat and Instagram has updated a variety of different features on each platform. Snapchat and Instagram differences in these features can be important decision making factor when you are going to use these platforms.

New features for Instagram

Instagram has provided some powerful new features, and third-party software developers also provide other features to fill the void needed services.

It Happens to Your Body When Running 30 Minutes

Flood sweat after exercise does not happen by itself. Are the cells in the body that plays an important role in the body runs a system run starts from the first minute, up to 30 minutes after the run. S tart !! – When you start to exercise, the body will work to take the energy obtained through the help of the molecule adenosine triphosphate ( ATP) derived from foods consumed. – When the body starts to feel the heat it was a sign of ATP molecules in the body begins processed and transformed into molecules of adenosine diphostate (ADP), which produces more energy.

After a while, ADP molecule will return to ATP with the help of muscle cells you. (Read also: Reduce Isotonic Drinks ) After First Minute – To get more energy (ATP more), the cells in the body will break down glycogen , formation of glucose in the muscles. In addition, the muscle cells will take up glucose from the bloodstream (This is why exercise is highly recommended for you with high blood sugar).

The farther you run, the more glucose is taken up by muscle cells. Not only that, the body will secrete lactic acid which is a sign of the pressure activity in the body. Minutes Later – increased heart beat and blood pumped directly into the muscle. At this time the body will focus on certain parts alone (the digestive organs is not one of them). – Starting to feel claustrophobic? Naturally, because most of the oxygen in the body is used to produce glucose and increase energy while running. –

The muscles of the body part , buttocks, core muscles and balance the body will support the body during a run, maximizing the hip joint work in order to run more comfortable. -body continues to burn calories, even that has been shaped fat. The burning of glycogen and oxygen will increase body temperature. Sweat is one way to restore balance to the body’s temperature. (See also: Exercise Stress Decline, Healthier Body! ) 10 Minutes – lucky that you exercise routine.

Because the performance of a run so stable in the 10th minute due to stronger muscles and a more balanced amount of ATP. For those who are perforated, perforated, do not be surprised when the body is tired. Because the supply of ATP, oxygen and lactic acid in the body is still a draw then ran a little harrowing and need adjustment. 30 min – F i uh! After you’ve run .. ending with a relaxing walk, to help the body rebalance the energy and rhythm of breathing. – Increased levels of dopamine in the body will make you more energetic after exercise. Worth it, right?

Improve your game in Geometry Dash

geometry dash

Geometry Dash is a game that requires lots of skill and reflexes, do not despair if you fall over and over again on the same site, or run continuously with the same wall from skewers. Even so, if you see that you are not able to overcome that level both in no way have been practicing, we give you a few tips so slowly you’re an ACE driving the ulna.

These tricks will serve both Geometry Dash and Geometry Dash Meltdown, the recent sequel to the saga of RobTop Games, since they are virtually identical except for some additions that I discussed in our review.

We leave them to the following list:

  • Not have hurry, uses the mode practice: in the mode practice can create checkpoints in any time, of this way, can go advancing until the areas more conflicting and focus us in them, although must have in has, that, not will sound the song of the level, so you will be more difficult, what us leads to…
  • Used music: this is not a strictly rhythmic title, but if we play only focusing on the visual, only with our reflections, it will be much more complicated. Uses rhythm and melodies in your favor, the obstacles are always synchronized so that you can even do it without looking at once have a mental map. Try it this way.
  • Press and hold: it seems stupid, but it is vital. If we keep the finger on the screen, the input of jump, so we will make much easier to jump into stair areas for example. There are areas that can only be overcome so keep that in mind.
  • Get memory: another tip that may seem a bullshit, but reflections playing the game is practically impossible. Try to remember the most difficult areas, or which need more attention to how changes in gravity, or mini-games of rocket.

I hope these tips will serve aid, but remember, it’s only a game, and, occasionally, best to stop a while and try at another time with different tips can you learn by visiting